Beach Days in Riomaggiore Cinque Terre

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Beach days are the best days. And they’re even better when your exploring somewhere new. Even tough it’s though to find your way around a new place when your traveling, it’s always worthwhile when you find these InstaWorthy spots like this waterfront in Cinque Terre. I haven’t been able to find every photo worthy spot in Cinque Terre, because there are just so many of them! I decided to focus on exploring the best spots, recommended by my friends and favorite bloggers. This helped me make the most of my time, and I really feel like I had a solid travel experience. It was hard to see it all in a weekend, so I definitely plan to head back again sooner than later.
Choosing the right outfit was key. Let’s be real, when I’m traveling I’m taking a lot of photos for my blog, and I want to look good in my surroundings. Cinque Terre is filled with colorful buildings and beaches. It’s really hot and I wanted to dive into the crystal clear water of the Italian Riviera. So it made sense to me to wear these awesome pastel colored tropical print swim shorts from @nativeyouth. I actually ran out of room for my sandals so I’m just wearing these leather lined boat shoes. It’s actually working out quite nicely with all the walking. 

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Photo taken at: Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre, Levanto, Italy