Best corporate headshot photographers NYC for Digital Nomads

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Every digital nomad needs a great headshot. It’s essential to working remotely. Using a headshot as your profile photo will help you maintain your professional image in your client’s inbox and across digital touchpoints.

I recently had to get some new headshots done to use for business to use on my company website, Linkedin profile, etc. Midtown Studio Corporate Headshots NYC are the best headshot photographers in the city for sure. They offer a professional headshot package for $250 at a state of the art photography studio near Bryant Park / Grand Central Station. The headshots came out great! They emailed me a link to download them right away, so I had my profile photo online within hours. They typically work with major corporations like Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley and Cartier so I felt lucky they would take a small client like me. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who wants to level-up their professional image online. A great headshot an go a long way in your career.