Exploring Óbidos Castle and Wearing All Linen

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Obidos Castle is one of the best things to see in Portugal. It’s pretty much on the way from Lisbon to Porto, so if you’re driving, you need to make this stop.

A Quick History About the Óbidos Castle

Reigning to the north over Óbidos, the Moors founded the castle as ancient as the 700s, and they plotted the course of these city walls that were frightening.

The construction was reworked from the 1200s, and its interior has been made more habitable for queens who lived here’s series.

Now it is a pousada (heritage resort ) so the only way to appreciate the interior is to reserve a room.

However, you walk the perimeter and can get the battlements.

This is an adventure not to be overlooked, especially on the wall, where the vistas of castle, the town and the countryside of orchards and vineyards are sensational.