Exploring Medieval Castles Driving Distance From Lisbon Portugal

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Portugal has some of the best Medieval Castles in all of Europe. Lisbon is amazing city to visit whether it’s on your bucket list of on repeat. I highly recommend taking day trips out of the city. If you can’t get a rental car or swing it don’t worry there’s plenty of action in Lisbon and one of the best castles ever, Palacio Peña at Sinatra, is accessible from the metro train. Not too mention my personal favorite Castelo de Sao George is literally in Lisboa at the top of the Alfama.

If you’re grown up and all adventure bound like me then you’re always looking for best hidden gems. The spots that are not yet tending on Instagram (ironic coming from me I know but whatever swipe swipe) .

Óbidos Portugal is a must attraction if you like castles and historic medieval preservation. From the town center to the architecture you will be amazed every step of the way. The shops are actually not over touristic, which is a rare phenomena for a European tourist destination.

The castle walls are very open, you can walk up to the door like you own the place. Then go back into town and sample all of the local delicatessen like you own whatever you want. The cherry liquor Ginjanja is very popular… it’s good I guess. I’m very interested in the chocolate still coming out of the Portuguese colonies, the local pastries, and of course a cold beer. The wine in this region is not my favorite, there are much better areas within driving distance for wine, so don’t make it about that. Just check out the castles, walk around though town and experience what life could have been in the past.

I don’t stay overnight here, I keep moving north or south as there are many other places to visit close by like Lisbon, Coimbra, and even Porto is basically driving distance if you don’t have babies. (I mean that in the best way possible, adults can be babies too when it comes to car rides.)