Handcrafted Sunglasses Designed in Miami

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Finding the right pair of sunglasses is key to your everyday style. I’m obsessed with this new pair I picked up from Biscayners. They don’t fall off my face after a couple of weeks like all of my high fashion designer sunglasses do. All of the lenses are polarized, which is really import for protecting your eyes from sun damage that can lead to cancer. This is a reality we all face whether you live in the tropics or up in the mountains, sun damage to your eyes is no joke. These Biscayners sunglasses are priced right, so I’m much more comfortable keeping them in my pocket or throwing them in my bag on the daily.

Biscayners sunglasses are designed in Miami specifically for people who do things on the water. I can not stress enough how awesome it is that these sunglasses do not fall off my face. That’s so clutch when you’re doing anything in the water, especially boating.

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The Biscayners team hooked me up with a 20% off promo code to share with my friends, so the sunglasses will only cost you about $50 with free shipping. Head over to Biscayners.com and use the promo code mikecheck. Biscanyers Promo Code: mikecheck ✌️

Michael Checkers wearing Biscayners sunglasses and Topman menswear in downtown Miami FL
Michael Checkers and @TineSays laughing outside the Perez Art Musuem PRAM in Miami FL
Michael Checkers modeling Biscayners sunglasses in Miami FL