How I Keep My Skin Looking 5 Years Younger Step 4

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Once you’ve cleansed, hydrated, and saturated, you’re ready to set it all in with a good moisturizer. Living in Miami means it’s mostly sunny. So I use a moisturizer with SPF built in to protect me from the suns UV rays that feel great when you’ve laying out on the beach, but will damage your skin overtime.


Man's hand holding a bottle of Revision moisturizer


Which Moisturizer Do I Use?

I like the Revision Intellishade Matte moisturizer. It has a broad spectrum SP45, spreads evenly, and doesn’t melt as quickly as other moisturizers do in hot weather. The tinted matte finish is my secret weapon for smooth looking skin when I’m being photographed.  You can pickup a tube of Revision Intellishade Matte from, which has a great selection of high quality skincare products.



My Favorite Skincare Products on

Finding a great moisturizers, oils, serums, and cleansers for men’s facial care used to be tough. But now it’s easy with the Men’s Facial Care section of You can order all of the best face washes, cleaners, moisturizer, and skincare essentials every man needs.