How To Find the Right Size Swim Trunks

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I love the feeling of the water rushing over my feet. What’s your favorite part about a day on the beach?⁠

Length is key to finding the right size swim trunks for men. Most brands write the length of the swim trunks in the product title or description. The style of cut is the other key factor. Mass produced brands tend to do a wider open cut, where designer brands will offer a more tailored cut. The thing with the designer tailored cuts is that they do not work for every body type so you have to try them on. At Onia for example, they make some cuts that fit me like a glove and others that just don’t work for my slim body type because I don’t have a belly.

What size swim trunks do I wear?

I wear a small or 29 in Onia and a 28 in O’neil. My actual waste measurement is 31 inches.

I’m reluctant to go into too much detail about specific brands and fits because honestly most of them don’t fit anyone properly. For example, I won’t even look at Zara swim trunks anymore. I feel like they don’t fit anyone, and the material is not up to par with other producers at the price point. Finding a good pair of swim trunks for your body is tough, so if you find a line that works for you go for it.

Solid color swim trunks are always a good call. Especially when you’re traveling on a beach vacation. I wear a 7 inch cut or higher (I’m 5’10”) so if you’re taller than me maybe you can get away with a little longer but 7 inches on the swim trunks is a good length for most guys under 6’2”. If you’re under 5’9” try a shorter cut to make your legs look longer. And if you’re super tall, there are plent y of brands that make longer cuts, especially in board shorts. But you could get these in a 7.5” and they’ll look great.