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Men’s Beach Style 002

What to wear in Tulum, on  a beach vacation, and at a tropical resort.

Men's Fashion blogger Michael Checkers sitting poolside in Tulum Mexicomichael checkers beachwear look Tulum MXMichael Checkers in front of a vintage car modeling men's swimwear in Tulum

Men’s Beach Style Inspired by Tropical Vibes in Tulum

Tropical print high-cut swim trunks. Durable, amphibious strap sandals. Light, unbuttoned button-down shirts with the sleeves rolled up. Gold frame sunglasses with reflective lenses. Extra long dog tag chain with the ring as the pendant. Aqua-marine, jungle green, copper, warm accent colors, flat black.


Tulum, Mexico

Set Location

Holistika Hotel

Design Inspiration

Jungle palms, sub-tropical ocean water, vintage aquamarine cars, art deco, beach sand, Tulum, Mayan Ruins.

What to Wear to the Beach this Summer

This post is part of my Summer 2018 Men’s Style Guide. I created this look for my trip to Tulum Mexico, which has a dope boho chic beach resort scene, but the actual beaches were kind of gross. I mostly stayed up on the sand, poolside, or enjoying the many Mayan inspired lounges at the hotels. Should I say resortwear? Or what to wear to a pool party? I’m not sure anyone really knows, but let’s just say this is a great look for when it’s hot, sunny, and there’s water involved.



Male fashion blogger Michael Checker modeling a swimwear outfit in Tulum Mexico by a resort pool


Linen Button Down Shirt Open with the Sleeves Rolled Up

People are always asking me the f* I have a long sleeve shirt on when it’s so hot out. The linen is very breathable, letting the heat out, and the breeze in. I roll up the sleeves, so it’s like a t-shirt. But then I can put the sleeves down to cover up from the sun. Since it’s a button down I can get away with having my shirt open to let the breeze hit my body, while still keeping a shirt on to cover my shoulders. When the suns baking hot like it is in Tulum, you need to be able to cover your shoulders. Wearing tank tops can be a rookie move when your in the tropics.


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Michael Checkers wearing tropical print swim trunks in Tulum

My Little Black List for Tulum

People always ask me what I like about each destination I travel too, and what I thinking they have to do if they go. So here’s my must-do list for Tulum. This was a short trip for me, so there’s certainly more to see. But these are solid highlights.

  1. Drinks at Azulik
  2. Yoga, Pool, and Artwalk at Holistika Hotel
  3. Party at The Papaya Project
  4. Ceviche, Tacos, Raw Vegan Food, and Matcha Limeade at Humo Tulum
  5. Relaxing Beachside at Playa Pescadores (Villa Pescadores & Kai)
  6. Sunset Happy Hour at Mateo’s Rooftop Bar
  7. Mojitos and Live Music at Batey
  8. Dinner in at Teepee at Bijoux

How I’m feeling about this summer

Walking into the spotlight takes confidence, courage, and preparation. I feel like we’re is in such a rush to get that next thing, that we forget how much hard work it really takes to get there. As a society, we’ve started to overvalue sensationalism and undervalue hustle. I’ve had some time to reflect on this trip and I’ve decided to focus more on valuing my journey to reach my goals. Appreciating each step along the way, even if it feels annoying at first. I’ve got lots of work to do, so it’s time to get on it. Ciao for now.

~ Michael Checkers

  • Great outfit inspiration for men hitting the beach this summer! I like how you described the “hand illustrated tropical prints”. You’re ability to verbally communicate visual aesthetics is just one of the many reasons why you’re such a great designer. Cheers!

  • Michael Checkers

    Dude looking back at this and that jungle print literally matches that background. You’re crazy I’m that next level keep hustling -self