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Styled for Topman. Made in NYC.

Black skinny fit jeans, nude muscle fit hoodie, fresh white sneakers.

Topman Men's Street Style Look by Michael Checkers Spring 2018 Black Skinny Jeans
Topman Street Style Look Spring 2018
Streetwear blogger Michael Checkers in NYC
Topman Black Skinny Jeans in front of graffiti art wall in soho nyc
Topman Black Skinny Jeans
Nude Muscle Hoodie
Topman jeans Spring 2018 SOHO NYC
Crosby Street SoHo NYC

Create a dope street style look for under $100 with black skinny jeans

It’s time to start moving the winter coats into the back of your closet and rotate in the new Spring trends. Denim is a key part of my collection this Spring, and the starting point for most of my streetwear looks. I look for jeans that can easily use to make simple fits for a casual everyday street style but are still fashionable enough to create dope looks for going out. That’s why I’m super excited to be partnering with Topman and styling some of the hottest under $100 streetwear looks of the season. When I need to find a new pair of jeans with that balance of on-trend style, quality, and affordability, Topman is my go-to source. Their jeans are much higher quality than fast-fashion, they always have all of the dopest cuts, and they cost much less than high-fashion designer denim. So that makes them perfect for styling your daily streetwear outfits.

A great pair of black skinny jeans will be a cornerstone of your wardrobe this Spring. They’re so easy to style, hard to mess up, and can make almost any combo look like a dope streetwear outfit. I keep finding myself just grabbing my favorite pair of Topman black stretch skinny jeans out of my closet, combining them with whatever light colored t-shirt is in front on the shelf, throwing on a jean jacket, and getting out the door. It’s a quick, easy, and super stylish. Topman jeans are made from authentic, rigid denim, but they have this crazy stretch technology to make them super comfortable and ensure they hold their shape.

In New York City it’s a little chilly, so I layered my Topman nude muscle fit hoodie under my black denim jacket, instead of wearing a t-shirt. The hoodie just wraps around my body so nicely keeping me all warm, but the fabric is still breathable. It’s more of a cotton knit than a fleece. Perfect for an athletic and cut body types. Go at least a size up if you’re all swoll.

The black denim jacket gives me that second layer of warmth and rugged exo. Just what you need keeping the light colored shirt clean while your hopping in and out of the subway and walking through the city streets.

Complete the look with your favorite pair of fresh white leather sneakers. I’ve been rocking a crazy pair from Filing Pieces that are handmade in Portugal. But I also like the Off-White C/O Virgil Ablah, Comme des Garçons Play, Rick Owns Island Dunk, Calvin Klein 205W39NYC, BNY Adidas Sambas, Common Project Achilles, and Rag and Bone Standard Issue. But I mean, of course, you can’t go wrong with a fresh a pair of AirForce Ones.

Regardless of which style of denim you prefer, Topman’s got your covered with their Jean Fit Guide. This guide will take all the worries out of shopping for jeans online. If somehow their free shipping and free returns policy doesn’t already do that you. Plus it’s really useful for showing the breakdown of different cuts of denim that are trending this season. Topman runs a little bit small and only produces even number sizes. So if you’re a 29” waist like me, you definitely want to round up to 30”. Do not go down to 28”. I personally tried on both sizes to confirm this fitting advice.

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Men's Streetwear look spring 2018 NYC SOHOQuick Men’s Streetwear Style Tip

These Topman black skinny jeans make it so easy to get that dope street style look every day. Throw them on with your favorite t-shirt or hoodie. Layer it with a jean or leather jacket. Lace up your favorite pair of fresh white leather kicks, and you’re ready to roll!

Made in NYC

Crosby Street, SOHO.

Topman Nude Muscle Fit Hoodie worn by Michael Checkers in NYC Spring 2018

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Adjust this look for warmer weather

Michael Checkers streetwear look styled for Topman in Miami Beach
Michael Checkers street style in Miami Beach

I’m obsessed with black and army green right now. It works with brown leather accents, black leather, or retro sneakers. This is what I wore in the afternoon/evening in Miami when it cooled off. It’s hot today, so I have the alternate shorts and t-shirt look. Hopefully, I’ll have a chance to shoot today’s look so I can show you some contrast.