Street Style 014

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What to wear in Miami Beach Spring 2018.



Khaki green scoop neck t-shirt, black skinny jeans, and brown leather accents. Classic style meets streetwear. Inspired by the palm tree of Miami Beach. Make the look for under $100 with Topman Jeans. Shop the look and get up to 40% off.

About the look.

When to wear this street style look in Miami Beach

Daytime or nighttime. Afternoon transitioning into the night. Walking around the streets, going to bars, hanging with friends, and keeping it casual. I’d wear this to grab tacos and beers with friends, walk around South Beach, and even to go to trendy bars with dancing like Bodega. But I’d dress a little bit more upscale if I was going to fancy hotel bars, restaurants, or nightclubs in Miami Beach. You really want to wear a light pair of pants during Spring nights in Miami Beach. The temperature typically drops below 70 and there’s always an ocean breeze. Even if you don’t get cold easily, shorts do not look good at night outside of tropical settings.

Color trends.

Amry green

Black denim.

Dark brown leather.

Men’s fashion trends.

Scoop neck soft cotton t-shirt.

Washed black skinny jeans.

Topman black stretch skinny jeans

Apple watches with leather bands.



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Men’s Street Style 014
Spring 2018 Miami Beach
Photography by @tinesays
This streetwear look was created in partnership with Topman and Stylinity.
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