Men’s Streetwear Look 009 Miami Beach

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Taupe jersey, knit polo, and black shorts.


This is my most laid back look to date. It’s got my singing Gin and Juice like I’m rolling down the street. ? I’m wearing these super comfortable drawstring shorts with cutoff raw edge hems paired with a Jersey cotton polo. Everything’s soft and roomy but still rugged enough on the exterior to wear skateboarding or walking around without getting dirty. Slid on a pair of limited edition Adidas Footpatrol’s from London. But I posted the latest edition of the kicks that they’re carrying at Barney’s. I stay with the Beats X headset at all times during business hours, because I’m a digital nomad constantly hopping on and off of conference calls. Sometimes you just need to feel really chill, but you still want to look styled. You know what I mean?


men's street style look spring 2018

Throw on a cotton jersey polo in a color that makes you feel confident. It’s kind of a streetwear look, but kind of smart casual too. Great alternative to your typical v-neck or trendy scoop neck tee. I’m always rocking my Beats by Dre headset so I can take business calls while I’m out making moves. Alright, I’m heading to the beach to shoot more photos. Peace! ✌