Mens Streetwear Look 015

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Men’s Style Trend Report Summer 2018

I’ve been on this green and white thing all summer. The light pants are breezy, and the boat shoes are easy. I’m just feeling the dark green tees, I don’t know why. I’ve picked up a bunch from different designers at this point. This men’s streetwear look is a great example of outfit inspiration if you’re traveling in Italy or other places in Europe. When I was in Italy this summer I noticed that the Miami and NYC  industrial look is not as popular. Most people were dressed in a more formal manner. Jeans were not as popular at all. Everyone was wearing white pants or dress pants most of the time. I rarely even saw a standard pair of khaki’s being worn on the street. You could argue this is because I spent most of my time in summer destinations, and not in real cities like Milan. But I will say that even in Bologna, which is a very young city,  people were looking super stylish and denim was not trending. The takeaway is that you should try wearing some slim fit pants as an alternative to jeans for your daily streetwear outfits.

Style Trends

  • White cotton pants
  • Dark green scoop neck t-shirts
  • Brown leather or suede shoes with white soles
  • Travel-ready messenger bags


Michael Checkers Men's Fashion Blogger looking out at mountains in Tuscany Italy