Men’s Tennis Outfit Inspiration from Miami Beach

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After trying on performance tennis sneakers from all of the top brands, the Adidas Sole Court Boosts are my top pick for players serious about their clay court game. They offer the best balance between stability, comfort, and agility. It’s hard to find them in any stores, so I ordered 2 sizes online and just returned the size that didn’t fit to the Adidas store. Free shipping and free returns. Pick up a pair before they sell out. I had to get on the waiting list for the matching @adidastennis headband lol.

The Adidas men’s tennis clothing collection is dope. It has team spirit, a streetwear vibe, and modern tailoring. Notice how I put the knee sleeve under the shorts to amplify the performance athletics styling. The matching bandana was sold out when I made my order, but I’m going to pick one up when it’s back in stock. Now let’s go play some tennis for real.

This outfit has me feeling like Federer out here on the Miami Beach tennis courts.
Michael Checkers ✖️ Adidas