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As wedding seasons starts to peak I’ve been thinking about finding more interesting suits. I typically wear the classic navy blue in spring, the black at night when it’s cold, and the light grey in summer. This year I also tried the ivory white cotton look for a beach wedding. But it still left me wanting something with a little more pop for the next round of weddings and special events.

I was really excited when I found these slim fit suits from Topman. They have really interesting patterns and colors, giving you some on trend high fashion styles at really reasonable prices. That’s what I think is so cool about Topman suits. They’re perfect for getting that trendy look. You know I typically wear Prada, Emporio Armani, and Theory suits, but at those price points and budget I’m reluctant to go too trendy. The fit and breathable fabric of this was on point. It’s so comfortable that I also just wore it with the pants shirt and vest when I went out for drinks the other night.
The pattern suit is a great style to wear when you’re a guest at a special event. It gives you some flair in the crowd without going over the top luxury.
I also dressed down the blue grey suit by wearing it with all white sneakers and a light colored belt. It looked fresh, definitely a cool look for going out.

Michael Checkers Topman Summer Suit

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Menswear meets Streetwear

Michael Checkers male fashion blogger in Italy modeling a Topman suit

For the post wedding party special event at the Italian villa I paired a pair of dark brown leather shoes and belt, the slate grey checkered patterned Topman slim fit suit and white Topman button down shirt

I wore the suit again while going on some wine tastings in Tuscan my during my honeymoon. I’m not going to lie, I feel like rolling up in a suit helped me score better service. Since it was a more casual experience with a lot of walking, I switched to my to my light brown leather bost shoes with white soles and a light brown woven leather belt. I felt like a boss explore the ancient wine caves of Montepulciano and sampling the vintage reserves. I ate way too much chocolate and pasta though, it’s time for some salad and a spa day lol.
The price point of the Topman suits makes them much more realistic to wear on more common special experiences like dates, and nights out. They suit held up like a pro while traveling. It barely wrinkled coming in and out of my suitcase and backpack, and I didn’t feel like it needed to be cleaned the whole trip. It just stayed fresh, I really don’t know how this was even possible.

I’d definitely recommend checking out Topman for a swagged out suit. You can shop my Topman Summer Suiting look on this post, and I’ve put together a few of my other favorite picks from the Topman suit collection. Now I’m off to drink some of this Montepulciano Nobile Reserva wine I picked up while shooting this look. Ciao!

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