Paraiso + Miami Swim Week Outfit Recap

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It’s all about trending fashion at Paraiso Miami Beach and Miami Swim Week. Overall the vibe is more edgy, trendy, luxury, and less sexy, chic. Think streetwear, beachwear, and lux outfits. For example I saw a lot of distressed denim, all black, or fully styled high fashion outfits. No suits, and not many cute dresses for women. Here’s a quick recap of what I wore to Paraiso Miami Beach and Miami Swim Week. I hope this gives you some style inspiration and outfit ideas for next years events. (To be fair I was very busy shooting photos and video, so some of the photos I’m showing on this page were from pervious shoots, but all of the looks are the actual outfits I wore to various runway shows and events.)

michael checkers miami swim week pin

Michael Checks miami street style summer 2019

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