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Planning the right outfits can literally make or break your trip. If you’re anything like me, you probably put off packing until the last minute, but think about for weeks. My trick to getting over the packing procrastination is outfit planning, and agile agenda planning. By agile agenda, I mean I plan a list of Alf the things I want to do. These are my goals. But I don’t assign them to a specific day for each thing. This way I can be more in the moment and live according to real life conditions like weather, how I feel in the moment, and meeting new people. Once I know what I want to do, I can plan my outfits for each thing. For example, on my last trips to Portugal, I know I was going to do a few key things. Going to Lagos, a beach town in the Algarve, going to Lisbon and touring the Palacio do Pena, and going to Porto to explore the historical center. (This is an abbreviation of my actual plans, to illustrate my point.) The beach, the palace, and the city centers all have different vibes, colors, and appropriateness levels that I considered while planning what to wear. I needed to put to together some versatile outfits quickly and within a budget. So I went to the Express Factory Outlet.




Smart Casual: Mix casual and tailored pieces for a professional, but relaxed look. Style jeans with structured Performance suiting separates in bold seasonal tones, floral patterned dress shirts and fall sweaters.

Check out these dope outfits I made with gear from the Express Factory Outlet!


Michael Checkers men's fashion influencer standing in front of bridge in Porto Portugal wearing a blue polo shirt


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