Streetwear Look 018

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Washed black slim fit jeans. (Because started doing HIT classes as @exhalemiami and my legs got too built to fit in skinny jeans ?)
Black sneakers are back. (Because all my white sneakers got dirty and I don’t want to replay last year white tennis shoe obsession.)
Khaki green t-shirt (Because @Zara keeps reproducing all of the clothes I post so good luck finding a new t-shirt with out sequence or fau-sace print. And I can’t justify continuing to buy basic t-shirts from Vince since @champagnepapi dropped God’s Plan. Spread the wealth.)
Black bomber jacket. Mixing puffer jackets with slim fit jeans is a good look right now if it’s real cold. In this case I’m literally in a biosphere so a light nylon bomber jacket will do just fine to block the wind and light rain while giving me the same style.
Gold chain because I’m in Portugal and they’ve got that heady 19 karat gold priced way better than any of that junk metal you’ll find in the States. Gold lasts, t-shirts don’t, keep up.
Men's Streetwear look fall 2018