Streetwear Look 028 Miami Beach

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How to Create this Outfit

Slim fit beach print short sleeve shirt
Slim 9 Inch Textured Stretch Shorts
Black Browline Sunglasses
Black suede sneakers with white soles

About the Look

This look is an evolution of the Khaki and Clean series I styled in 2018. Basically the idea is to style khaki bottoms with a white top. This time, I’ve collaborated with Express Men, and used this really cool beach print slim fit short sleeve button up shirt, instead of a plain white one.
I like the way the black patterns on the beach print accent the black sunglasses. I completed the look with a pair of black suede sneakers that have white soles, continuing the black and white accent theme. But you could use any white leather sneakers or black sneakers to make this outfit look great.


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Streetwear Look 028 Miami Beach Spring 2019
Article Name
Streetwear Look 028 Miami Beach Spring 2019
Michael Checkers has collaborated with Express Men to style this essential warm weather outfit, perfect for wearing this Spring in Miami Beach. The slim beach print shirt is the key piece for this look.
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MikeCheck Collective
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