Streetwear Look 049 Green & Copper Miami

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Wearing dark green is one of my favorite parts of Fall fashion. My wife literally had to take away my dark green shirts last spring. She was like Mike, it’s super hot in Miami, wear some lighter colors. Now that we’re fully in the fall to winter fashion season, I’m diving into my favorite colors and textures for cooler weather. Just because it’s hot in Miami doesn’t mean you should always dress like it’s the middle of the summer. Wait, what do I mean by that? I mean in Fall and Winter, even if you’re still wearing shorts and short sleeves, you can bring some fall/winter style into your outfits. Wearing some dark green is a great place to start. Last year I was really into the green and black trend. This year with the continuing rise of neutrals, I’m obsessed with green and copper. I got the copper idea from Sudio, the headphones company. I did a collaboration with them, and got these really cool looking green and copper headphones. So then I started flipping through my wardrobe to find similar color patterns in textiles. Obviously we can’t actually wear a metal. But we can wear garment dyed cotton in warm brown colors, similar to copper. There are some really great joggers for plenty of different brands that match this description.

How To Create This Look

  • Dark green shirt
  • Dark oak chinos or shorts
  • Round gold frame sunglasses
  • Brown leather boots or sandals
  • Sudio ear buds