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I’m obsessed with cotton slub tees in general. And when I found out about Devereux’s new slim-fit chinos, made from Japanese twill and added stretch properties for versatility and comfort, I though “…that sound dope”. I’m always looking for a new denim alternative to mix things up. What’s great about Devereux’s new slim-fit chinos, aside from the super high quality material, is the cut, is that they are cut like joggers with a tapered leg. So they look great with sneakers and give you more of that edgy streetwear look. If you’re thinking about buying a pair, you can check out my size guide to see the sizes that fit me for this and other brands. Hopefully this will give you a better sense of the fit when ordering online. I ordered the pants in a 30×30, which fits similarly to Express jeans in a 29×30. I like the color of green in the t-shirt, it’s a desaturated mix of blue and green, creating a color found naturally in the ocean water of Miami just before sunset, or in some varietals of succulent plants. The faded green – light blue mixed color pairs well with the super dark indigo dyed chinos. The indigo is so dark that they look black in soft light and dark indigo in bright light. Also, if you’re not familiar with Deveruex, they’re a luxury band that makes casual clothes for men. They’re sold by major retailers like Nordstorm, and boutiques like the Four Seasons in Palm Beach. They also have their own stores, mostly on the west coast, but I do most of my shopping online so I just order directly from Deveruex’s website. Shopping Tip: Sometimes you can find them on sale at Nordstrom Rack.

How To Create This Outfit

  • Slim-fit Japanese Twill Jogger Cut Chinos
  • Long-fit Slub Cotton T-shirt
  • Medium or High Top Sneakers
  • Minimalist Wrist Watch

Deveruex Proper Threads slub shirt colors

About Deveruex Proper Threads

FASHION AND FAMILY Proper Threads is more than just a tagline. It’s a lifestyle that’s been instilled in us. A lifestyle that demands quality, style and admiration . Style was hard to find. The choices were dull and unexciting. Our family made dressing. We made Devereux . We made Proper Threads to discuss our passion, confidence and style with men. We strive to create apparel except to share a lifestyle that they can believe in although as brothers in this. Matches, the cuts, and cloth are second to ideals and our values of esteem, friends and family. Devereux is a reflection of how we live. Our pursuits, our fantasies, our passions, and our appreciation of quality and craftsmanship . Go to it, you must flip the script and leave what you know to do what you love. Will Brunner and Robert are currently writing their own story. One about esteem, confidence and passion. But perhaps theirs is a story devoted to their grandma Devereux, the girl who taught them that dressing is the type of good manners.