Streetwear Look 071 Miami Beach x Gotham

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Hoppin out the bat cave in my black leather band collar jacket from John Varvatos. The dark tiger print shirt is from Express Men. It’s more of that stretch performance material I’m obsessed with. The jeans are from Express too, hyper skinny fit. Although this pair came a bit looser than some of the others. I’ll wash them again and they’re probably get more normal. The pair of skinny jeans I bought after these ended up being too tight, so I’m switching back to slim it. I think the fit might just be because my legs are getting more muscular. With free shipping and free returns, plus tons of stores around, I just order a bunch of stuff online then bring what I don’t want back to the local store. I can’t stand waiting in line at the UPS store, but I prefer shopping online so this is just easier.



Photo taken at: Miami Beach