The Off-white Suit in Italy Menswear Look 004

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I love the way this ivory suit photographed against the rustic walls of this Palladian villa. Notice how I used the dark brown, milk chocolate looking leather to accentuate the natural colors of my hair and beard. Yoox styled this suit with a white shirt and black leather shoes on their website. That’s fine for a classic look but I wanted to create something more interesting and unique for my wedding. After selecting the dark brown shoes and belt, I had to find the right tie. As luck had it I found this really interesting tie from Missoni with the dark brown mixed with some other deep colors in a small format pattern. Swipe the gallery to see a closeup. The light blur shirt balances the look, and plays well with the deep purple accents in the tie.

I completed the look with an ebony wood watch from @jord. The Jord brand team hooked me up with a $100 gift card to giveaway to my friends and followers. So if you’d like to enter, visit the link in my bio to signup!

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