Trainers Spring 2016

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MikeCheck’s Selection for Spring 2016

Kobe X Elite Low… by Nike
With right mix of clean styling, athletic performance, and subtle flair, the Kobe X series cross trainers by Nike are my official selection for my core pair trainers this season.
(Note) Core selections are the highest priority article in it’s respective wardrobe category. Just because these are my core selection for trainers does not mean their my selection for performance athletics, working out in the gym or cross training.
Nike Kobe X Creative Direction
Why are trainers to important to me?
A great pair of trainers (cross-training sneakers) are an essential part of my core wardrobe. The good pair of trainers are versatile sneakers, with enough athletic performance to handle your typical workouts at the gym and enough style to wear around the city with jeans. I try to travel light, so my trainers really come in handy as an all round shoe to wear while exploring new cities and doing adventure activities. Wearing them to the airport is always a good call, especially if you find yourself racing across a terminal with a 50lb North Face Tera 35 strapped to your back trying to catch that international transfer flight on Ryan Air.
MikeCheck Cross Trainers Spring 2016
I specifically look for a pair of training I could ride my skateboard in. If I only bring my skate shoes on a trip, I’ve completely choked my ability to do anything athletic. Every hiked up to the Hollywood sign in a pair of suede Vans? It sucks. The Vans skate shows look cool walking are around a city like LA, and are great for riding a skateboard, but they suck for hiking. Plus they get all dusty and gross – irking your inner sneaker-o-phile. My personal criteria for evaluating if a new pair of trainers would be a fit for my lifestyle goes something like this:
  • Could I run a mile in these shoes comfortably at a fast pace?
  • Could I land a riding ollie smoothly with out scuffing the shoe?
  • Could I rock these with jeans without looking like a suburban high school student (like it’s 2002, like Eminem, attracting the attention of a passing gangbaner)?
If the answer to all 3 questions is yes, then congratulations trainers you’ve met my lifestyle criteria and can now be eligible for purchase.
As an agile traveler who’s needs to walk, skate, run and workout in the same pair of sneaks, then these trainers are perfect for my core collection.