Why Khaki Green is One of My Favorite Colors in My Wardrobe This Fall

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I’m obsessed with the dark faded khaki green color that’s out right now. It’s rugged, authentic, and organic. I call it Army Green, because it reminds of the gear they used to sell at the Army Navy Supply store when I was a kid. Some people might say Hunter Green, but I think of Hunter Green as having more emerald and being more saturated, where the Khaki Green is less vibrant, and used on washed fabrics. If you feel like Army Green should be reserved for that Camo Green color, please drop me a comment and let me know. I’ve also seen brands using the name Olive Green. I guess it’s really up to the designer. They’re ultimately just subjective labels. 

I think this color looks tough, and makes your outfit look like it’s ready to be worn, not just hang on a rack. But I’m all about clothes you can wear. I don’t collect sneakers just too look at them. ?